Community is our middle name.


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People often ask us how we differ from a traditional bank. This chart sums it up nicely.


It's simple, really: Banks are profit-driven investment vehicles for people and corporations other than the customers than they serve. Credit Unions are non-for-profit cooperatives owned & operated by the very people they serve.

BOND Community Federal Credit Union members enjoy tremendous access to their Personal & Business Checking accounts through Online Banking & Bill Pay, VISA© Debit Cards, 24hr Live Call Service with guaranteed no-hold times, thousands of Shared Branches, and more ATMs worldwide than even most big banks. Once you're a BOND member, you're always a member, no matter where you go.

Joining our credit union is easy, and there is no fee for membership; we simply require a small deposit of $50 into a special savings account called your Share Account. We also offer Youth Accounts that require only a $25 deposit to start.

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