Because you wouldn't jump out of a plane without a plan.


Financial Counseling | Credit Report Check-Up | Used Car-Buying 101



Since 1972, BOND Community FCU has been an educational resource for our members, staff, local schools and community. We host free sessions in our office and might even be able to host one in yours. And - since we're a credit union - we focus on how to best serve you rather than how to profit from you.



Our institution is a wealth of financial know-how.


We’re not tax accountants or investment gurus; we help people navigate everyday financial conundrums, such as:



    “What do I do if my income decreases in the next year?”

    “How do I know if I’m getting ripped off on this car?”

    “How can I improve my credit score right now?”

    “Is it the right time to buy a house for me?




Let's figure it out together.


For Financial Counseling or to schedule a free one-on-one session, contact our in-house Financial Counselor:


For info on upcoming classes (such as Used Car-Buying 101), contact our Community Development Manager:


Chris McPherson

(404) 525-0619, ext 217

(866) 525-0619, ext 217




Alpesh Patel

(404) 525-0619, ext 235

(866) 525-0619, ext 235