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Because every time you spend a Benjamin, he's looking at you.



Why borrow the money I already have?

Keep building up your savings by borrowing smart from the BOND Community. A Secured Loan is a great way to build credit, repair your credit, or just keep from using up the savings you've already accumulated.

How does it work?

You select the amount of funds that you’d like us to place “on hold” in your BOND Community FCU Savings Account or Share Certificate of Deposit (CD) for a pre-determined amount of time; then, you borrow the same amount of money at a low fixed rate. It’s quick, simple, and available to all members
regardless of credit score or prior borrowing experience.



Great Rates & Terms


You can borrow against funds in either your Share (Savings) Account or any Share Certificates-of-Deposit you have with us.

Loan Type

Max Terms

Maximum Loan Amount

APR* low as






100% match of funds in referenced Share (Savings) Account






CD Maturity


80% match of funds in referenced Certificate of Deposit


Your CD Rate + 3.00%



We also offer a Secured VISA© Credit Card at 12% APR* with a credit limit matching up to 80% of the funds we put “on hold” for you in a Savings Account. To learn more about our credit cards, click hereYou may also wish to check out our Personal Loans. Use the info below to contact our Loan Manager or to apply for pre-approval.



4Loan Pre-Qualification Application (PDF) - you can fax this form to 404-577-8529 or email to
4Rates & Terms

*Annual Percentage Rate. Restrictions may apply. Contact our Loan Manager or call 1-866-525-0619 (ext 217) for more information.